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Yahoo Is Now Part Of Oath

Awhile back we took a look at a device called the AirBuddy , which billed itself as a safe and easy to use alternative for those who want to try scuba diving without having to take special classes or get any kind of certification. I’d seen lots of travelers in every part of the world get really excited about the potential to spend table tennis shoes a few days or even a few weeks diving a unique locale, but for some strange reason it didn’t seem that appealing to me. Maybe I was a little scared of what it would take to learn: It’s probably crossed your mind before that scuba diving might be a complex and daunting prospect.

While the moves are safe, when executed correctly, these moves require a lot of body awareness and muscle sequencing which is fundamental for athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts and those of you who are looking to challenge your entire kinetic chain through balance, multi-chain movements and multi-planar movements.

The protests in Brazil – over one million in the streets in recent days, according to conservative police estimates – highlight the enormous gap between the expectations of the people and the lucrative business of globalized sports aided by government policies that enable these multinational organizations to skew country economies to benefit their particular spectacle.

We’ve created a dangerous dynamic in this country: one in which sporting events are exploited to sell military service for some while providing cheap grace for all, even as military service is sold as providing the thrill of (sporting) victory while elevating our troops to the status of “heroes” (a status too often assigned by our society to well-paid professional athletes).

When I’m writing in a crowded, noisy place – like a café, where I’m writing these very words – I can summon the sense of being on up on the beam in a giant buzzing gymnastics arena, with a competitor’s floor music playing over the speakers and a cheering, clapping, gasping crowd on all four sides of me. Being able to block all that out to focus on putting a foot, a hand, a finger, in precisely the right place on the beam, can make a young girl feel like she can suspend time.

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