About us

Carter Homes is committed to providing quality, not just through the homes we build, but through the way we work with our customers. The spirit of this company is one that thrives on our client’s satisfaction. We take pride in being able to offer a variety of homes with additional options and having it all built to a high standard. That standard is what sets Carter Homes apart from other builders – we don’t build homes; we build futures.

We go the extra mile to make lay it all out in front of you so you can choose a great location, a gorgeous home design, and then add on to it with an extensive list of options. With each of our home models, we provide quality framework that will last a lifetime. Whether you want stucco or brick on the outside, carpet or tile on the floors, granite or marble on the countertops, each of our homes comes the options to add what you want to call it home. All of our clients get to choose what will make their Carter Home feel like “home,” what will you choose for yours?